Rebecca Bombet, MS  APRN  BC - Child, Teen & Family Christ-Centered Therapy

Horses, Hearts and Hope 
 Equine Assisted Therapies

 Horses, Hearts and Hope Equine Assisted Therapies offers both Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) and Equine Experiential Learning(EEL). These therapies offer opportunities for healing, behavioral changes, and improved family dynamics. 

 Mission Statement
To assist children, teens and families in crisis by allowing the Lord to work through the horses to bring healing to behavioral , parenting, and communication issues through a method of therapy called Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)  and Equine Experiential Learning (EEL). Equine Assisted Therapies (EAT) is the term that covers the different therapeutic approaches.

Goals of Therapy include:

  • To evaluate and assess the client and family, ruling out any physical and/ or mental diagnoses not appropriate for EAT.
  • To work with the client and family's Primary Care Provider (PCP) as needed.
  • To develop a therapeutic plan, considering immediate issues and problems, including the client and family in the development of plan of care. 
  • To work with children and teens who have behavioral issues and /or mental diagnoses, allowing the horse to both assist in identifying the issues, as well as challenge the client in developing alternative and appropriate changes in their behaviors. 
  • To develop plans of corrective action(s) through specific activities that will assist in changing dysfunctional patterns of behavior through their work with the horse.

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